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About the trainings

Get certified at your pace

Heart & Focus Academy 200h and 300h trainings are designed as flexible programs that consist of in-person and virtual modules and can be completed in as little as 3 months or as long as two years. 

All trainings are registered and accredited by the Yoga Alliance and upon successful completion the trainee will receive a certificate. You also have the option to just complete one or more modules to earn YACEP (continuing education*) credits.

*You can earn YACEP credits only after you complete a 200h training, either at the Heart & Focus Academy or a different Yoga Alliance accredited institution

How does it work

A proven process for growth


Choose whether you want to earn the 200h, 300h, or just a YACEP certificate


Register for and complete the modules and earn the credits necessary


Claim your Yoga Alliance certificate and become a registered yoga teacher

Which training is right for me?

Choose your path

200h: Foundations

The foundational training is for those who want to fulfill their dream of becoming a yoga teacher as well as for those who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of what yoga is all about and deepen their practice.

The 200 hour training is divided into 4 parts:

Module 1: Through the chakras to yourSelf (in-person, 70h)

Module 2: Svadhyaya – self study, going inwards (online, 30h)

Module 3: Living yogic philosophy & the art of teaching (in-person, 50h)

Module 4: Power Within – Advanced Asana (in person, 50h)

300h: Deepening your practice

The Embodied Practice training is an advanced training suitable for those who already completed the foundational training. It will allow you to explore the practice of yoga on a deeper level and broaden as well as sharpen your teaching skills. 


Living Yogic Philosophy & the Art of Teaching (in-person, 50h)

Flexibility & Body Biomechanics (in-person, 40h)

Power Within – Advanced Asana (in person, 50h)

8 Limbs Embodied (in-person, 40h)


Through the chakras to yourSelf (in-person, 70h)

Yin Yoga, Meditation, Mantra (in-person, 40h)

Bhakti, Storytelling & Mythology, Yoga of the Voice (in-person, 30h)

The School of Inversions (online, 30h)

Svadhyaya – selfStudy (online, 30h)

*The trainee is free to complete the modules in whichever order they like

*To earn a 300h certificate, the trainee must complete all of the required modules and earn at least 100 credits (100 hours) in the elective modules

Upcoming Trainings

foundational & continuing education programs

50h, in-person

Flexibility & Body Biomechanics

Unlock your body’s natural range of motion and gain a deep insight into body biomechanics.
50h, in-person

Through the Chakras to yourSelf

Discover the secrets of your subtle body and learn how to use the chakra system as a tool for healing and self-development.
6-week online training

The School Of Inversions

My six-week step-by-step movement program that will show you how to master inversions like the headstand, forearm stand, and handstand.

Foundational Training

Gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga and become a certified yoga teacher.

Elevated Sadhana

Elevate your practice, refine your teaching skills, and cultivate a profound connection to mind, body, and spirit.

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When you complete the 200h and 300h programs you will receive a teacher training certificate from Heart & Focus Academy that meets Yoga Alliance standards. You’ll also receive a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program) certificate upon successful completion of each module. If you completed a 200 hour training from another Yoga Alliance certified school, you will be able to submit both your 200 hour and your 300 hour certificate to Yoga Alliance, should you choose to, for a full 500 hour recognition from them.

The prerequisites for the 200h training are at least one year of yoga practice and study and a keen interest in exploring the philosophical and devotional aspects of practice alongside asana. To apply for a 300h certificate you need to have completed the 200h certification either from the Heart & Focus Academy or another accredited institution.

See the detailed content above for full details regarding the core curriculum requirements and elective options. To earn a 200h certification you need to complete the four required modules. For a 300h certification you need to collect 200 hours in required modules as well as 100 hours in electives.

It will take a minimum of three months to complete your 200h certification, and you have up to two years to finish. The 300h certification can be completed in the minimum of one year and you have up to three years to finish.

Please email linda@saraticha.com with all other questions.

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