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Whether you’re a beginner or you want to deepen your yoga practice: SATI studio offers a big variety of classes sorted by time, focus, and skill level so you’ll be able to easily ​find what you’re looking for.

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Join me for a session on Zoom, and get the benefits of a live class from the comfort of your home.

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Choose from 140+ yoga asana, meditation, and chanting classes, and practice with me anywhere and anytime.

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Build your yoga practice routine and make your month transformative with 30 consecutive yoga classes for every day, inspiring journaling prompts, and much more.

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Practice with me anytime from all around the world! Gain access to a wide range of yoga, mindfulness, flexibility, meditation, and chanting classes. Every class can be downloaded for offline use! 

Nourish your body, mind, and soul with two new classes each week. Join regular livestream practices, meet like-minded people and stay inspired.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. In the SATI studio you’ll find classes for all levels of experience, and within the classes I offer you options and modifications to make the practice suit your needs.

Choose the focus of the practice, intensity, and duration. With built-in filters you’ll easily find what you want, whether it is a short 10 minute meditation or a vigorous 90 minute practice.

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The best teacher

“That class was as always absolutely amazing. Sara is just the best teacher. And I admire her because of her energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm.”



This brightened up my day

“Amazing! Sarah is a caring and enthusiastic teacher and she pays attention to each and every one of us during the class – looking at our postures and correcting us, and giving us tips to improve or take the practice a bit further if we wish to do so. This morning class brightened up my day!”



I've improved so much

“Sara is the best yoga teacher ever! I’ve been doing yoga for 16 years and she is the best! The way she explains things and sequences classes is amazing. I’ve improved so much since practicing online with her.”



Full of new learning opportunities

“Sara’s flexibility classes are always challenging and full of new learning opportunities. She is such a good teacher and has a lovely energy. “



The opportunity to grow

“It was challenging as always but I love challenging as it gives you the opportunity to grow. Thank you Sara for letting us grow <3"



SATI Studio is your safe space for personal growth through movement and mindfulness. You can find 120+ on-demand classes for all levels, regular livestream classes, and Yoga Alliance Certified online courses.

If you’re just starting your practice the most important thing to remember is that consistency is more important than intensity. It’s better to practice 20-30 min a couple times a week than doing a 2 hour session every two weeks. In nearly all of my classes you’ll find options for beginners as well as more advanced students, but the series “Everyday Vinyasa” offers short classes ideal for beginners.

  • I teach vinyasa flow yoga. In every class we flow between the asanas to the rhythm of the breath and ground ourselves through meditation. I also offer classes dedicated to other aspects of yoga as well, such as mantra chanting and pranayama.
  • Apart from that I also teach flexibility inspired by circus artists and contortion coaches.

Ideally you don’t eat any heavy meals up to two hours before you practice. Hydrate your body beforehand, but try to avoid drinking during your practice. The only thing you’ll need for your practice are an open mind, a yoga mat, and something comfortable to wear.

  • The pricing is very simple: if you’re a newbie you can sign up for a free 7-day trial and try as many classes as you’d like to see if you’d like to commit to a membership. After that the price of a membership is €14,77/month (less than €0,50/day!!). 
  • If you buy a yearly membership you’ll save 15%. 
  • If you want to attend a livestream class but without the commitment of a membership you can drop in for €9/class.

SATI studio is an app that you can easily find on the Apple Store. You can also log in directly on the saraticha.com page.

Yes. All of the livestream classes are recorded. If you register for the class but cannot make it you’ll find the recording in the on-demand library and can catch up on the class anytime you like. If you don’t have a membership and purchased a drop-in ticket you’ll get the recording of the class via email a couple hours after the class finishes. The recording will be in this case available for a month.

You can easily cancel your membership anytime through your profile. Find the concrete steps HERE.

  • With the SATI Referral Program, you can save €10 for yourself and your friend! In your SATI profile (web), you’ll find a special link: “Refer A Friend!”. When your friends join a class for the first time using either a link, both of you will receive a €10 bonus. 
  • You will have credit automatically applied to your next subscription renewal, or the credit will be automatically applied to your account during the next purchase (if you are not a subscriber).