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Newest Release

Water Sādhanā

Embark on a journey towards yourSelf through the element of water. In this seven-part series, we prepared for you an introduction class where you will understand the teachings of the water element, as well as six juicy vinyasa practices enriched with mantra recitation.

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What is SATI studio?

SATI Studio is an online app with a library of 250+ classes, and most importantly, it is your safe space for empowerment through movement and mindfulness. It is designed for both, yoga newbies as well as seasoned practitioners and yoga teachers who are looking for inspiration, education, and guidance in their practice. You can explore on-demand classes for all levels, regular livestream classes, courses, challenges, and Yoga Alliance Certified online courses.

Yes, nearly all of our classes are suitable for all levels, providing options for both beginners and more advanced students. Beginners can benefit from the Start Yoga series, designed to guide you through vinyasa flow yoga. We recommend starting with 20-30 minute classes or yin yoga practices to ease into your practice and progress from there.

Most of the classes follow the vinyasa flow yoga style, where we synchronize movement with breath and ground ourselves through meditation. Classes often include mantra chanting and pranayama exercises. Additionally, you can find numerous classes dedicated to enhancing flexibility.

You’ll need comfortable clothing and a yoga mat for your practice. Some classes may incorporate props like yoga blocks or straps, but if you don’t have them, don’t worry – you can still join the class without them.

You can start anytime with our 7 day free trial. If you love the platform you can choose one of our three membership options (monthly, yearly, lifetime) which start at only EUR 0.41/day! If you prefer to practice without regular commitment, you can purchase bundles and courses.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time through the app or your phone settings.

Yes, you can stream the classes on a computer or TV. Each class includes an ‘Option’ button that will guide you through the process. Additionally, all classes can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Every completed class will be marked, and each course will guide you step by step through the entire journey. Furthermore, you can track your progress throughout the app in your profile.

You can get in touch with the tech support team directly through the app (your profile ⇒ setting ⇒ get support).

Yes, you can gift a membership to your loved ones. Choose between 6-month or 12-month membership package. Purchase those packages here.

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