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In this ebook you’ll find 365 thought-provoking and creative prompts that will guide you to hidden corners of your soul and will help you find your voice.

(22 customer reviews)

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(22 customer reviews)

22 reviews for Journal your heart out

  1. Tomáš

    Amazing book for young, adult and old people.

  2. Lisa

    Sara, thank you so much, I really love your journaling prompts, they’re so good and very useful.

  3. Václava

    This ebook is great if you want to keep up with regular journaling. I’m 11 day into this new habit and I already feel that I know myself a bit better. I look forward to next day for new journal experience and so far all the prompts were really good. I recommend this book for everyone who wants to do something good for themselves.

  4. Maria

    Love it. Everyday it gets me excited to write on my journal.

  5. Suzanne

    Very good to start a daily journalling practice + the prompts help you to get started to think about the things you usually maybe wouldn’t. And for a great price!

  6. Sara Maria

    Wonderful book that motivated me to write my diary for the first time and finally and accomplish more easily the other goals. I can only recommend. Sara has made a lot of work for other people by publishing this book. Amazing work. Namaste

  7. Stefanie

    Life changing is how I could summarize this prompts without exaggerating. I couldn’t implement whatever routine into my morning (tried to have a gratefulness diary etc.) but this simply works. These prompts are challenging, exciting and fun to do. I have the feeling there are so many areas in my life that are waiting to be explored. Dear Sara, thank you for helping me with my journey and expanding my horizon. I can’t wait for a year of getting to know myself better.

  8. Paulina

    Great ebook!

  9. Elisa

    Although I haven´t become quite regular with the journaling, yet, I´m really enjoying it! It´s something I did a lot when I was younger, and rediscovered in the last few years. It has always helped me so much! Sometimes I´m just too busy, tired or I feel demotivated, and I tend to skip the things I should actually do the most to feel better, so it´s really good to have some stimulation to put more effort onto it! The prompt are fantastic, because they force me to think outside of the box and also to painful things, that I would maybe procrastinate instead of facing. I wrote SO much already, and it´s the best medicine, because I can realise things on a deeper level, or see them under a different light! I´m so grateful that I purchased this e-book (first e-book ever purchased!)! Thank you so, so much, Sara! You did a great job and it´s really helping me a lot! I can´t wait to see all the growth and benefits throughout this journey! I´m so happy I can be a part of it! Much love and esteem!

  10. Hanna

    Simple and easy inspiration to journal. Very fair price too! I would have paid $15 rather than just $8 Thank you Sara!

  11. Anna

    really helpful questions

  12. Vendula

    This ebook is just magical! I can feel how much calmer I am during my days thanks to Sara’s morning journal routine. It really gives me lots of answers and I can’t be happier with this purchase i made. Sara has lots of magnificent thoughts to share with us and I am so glad she wrote this masterpiece amongst the journal guides. Thank You

  13. Matea

    I am loving it so far. It made me look forward to getting up earlier and spend time just for myself. It also opened little doors in me that I did not knew before. I would definitely recommend this eBook if you want to learn more about yourself and raise the self-awareness. Thank you – Lots of love, M.

  14. Denisa

    The perfect way of self expression. Love it so much!

  15. Malena

    Thanks for this magical tool for understanding the own soul.

  16. Carolina

    Dear Sara, going trough a real tough time of my life I had been suggested by several people to start writing a diary but somehow I never knew how to started. The white page always looks too intimidating and I felt my thoughts were never clear or valid enough to be written down. Your book is giving me the tools to make it possible. Every prompts opens a whole flow of emotions and feelings which help me to see things from a different perspective helping me to be more conscious . Thanks for the effort you put into it!

  17. Natálie

    Thank you for this ebook. It’s something I’ve long been looking for. 🙂

  18. Domča

    I love the journal! It´s a great way of practicing journaling and reflecting my own thoughts. I would recommend to everyone who wants to start writing a diary or who is writing it already, but wants to try it a bit differently 🙂

  19. Getter

    I’ve used it for 11 days now. I took it up, because i wanted to start writing with paper and pen again, but had nothing in particular to write about. So I just took it up in order to have daily prompts. Also it seemed like a good idea to have a daily sit-down with your thoughts and just write them down. So far it has been a great assignment and I already find some common threads in my writings, which is a good self-reflection.

  20. Lilla

    It’s just simply great and mostly thought provoking! 🙂

  21. Sara C.

    The ebook is full of amazing ideas on how to start journalling. It definitely helped me as a beginner. Thanks Sara!

  22. Martina S.

    I really enjoy this e-book. It motivates me to write day by day and get to know myself. Sometimes I write my thoughts, another day I answer only some question from the e-book and almost every time I do both of the things. It helped me to start with journaling and when I struggle it helps me to keep going. Thank you Sara!

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