The power of mantra

Mantra chanting and prayer are part of all spiritual practices and religions. Let’s take a look (from a yogic perspective) at why chanting is so powerful.

In modern-day western spirituality, the word Mantra is often understood as affirmation or an intention. There is a big difference, though, between those terms. The Sanskrit word Mantra can be broken down into two parts: “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport, vehicle, or a tool. In other words, a mantra is an instrument or a tool for the mind.

If you hold a guitar without touching its strings and play harmonium next to it, the guitar’s strings will begin to vibrate. Sound waves can and do affect matter, and they affect our consciousness as well. 

Mantras are instruments that serve as focusing devices that will help our attention be one-pointed and calm but also help wake up the mind from ignorance.

If you place sand on a disk and play a particular vibration underneath it, the grains of the sand will create a beautiful mandala. Similarly, chanting a mantra has the power to move your disorganized pile of thoughts and emotions into a cohesive pattern.

Mantras have different meanings and are often connected to Hindu deities who possess and symbolize various traits and qualities. By chanting mantras, we call onto these qualities so that we can embody them too.

One mantra I would like to point out today, is the “Ra Ma Da Sa”. The “Ra Ma Da Sa” mantra is a sacred and healing mantra that originates from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. It is used for its potential to promote healing and well-being. This mantra is often chanted or meditated upon with the intention of sending healing energy to oneself or to others. Here is the breakdown of the mantra:

  • Ra: Represents the Sun energy, which is associated with vitality, energy, and activity.
  • Ma: Represents the Moon energy, which is associated with receptivity, intuition, and calmness.
  • Da: Represents the Earth energy, which is associated with grounding and stability.
  • Sa: Represents the Infinity or Cosmos energy, connecting you to the infinite universe.

The closing phrase “Sa Say So Hung” can be interpreted in various ways, but it generally expresses a sense of realization and surrender to the divine or infinite consciousness. If you would like to learn to chant this mantra join our SATI livestream class or sign up to receive the recording.

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