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Sara’s teachings are rooted in her own practice and study of yoga, mindfulness, and self-development. As a student Sara has one goal: to keep moving closer and closer to her truest, deepest self, and create a safe space where her body, heart, and mind can be healthy and thrive. As a teacher, her goal is to guide her students in the same direction.

My Story

first a student, then a teacher


It started with a book

Sara first stepped into a yoga class in 2011, however, her journey of conscious living began a few years prior to that. As a teenager she stumbled upon a book “Chicken soup for the soul” and one of the stories talked about a woman who by focusing her thoughts on what she wanted to experience in her life indeed pulled those experiences towards her. Intrigued by this true story, Sara got curious about the power of the mind and conscious awareness.


Where’s the challenge?

Without any specific tools, she began to practice mindfulness however she could, and noticed changes in her internal and external worlds. A couple of years later, her mom registered Sara and her brother for yoga classes in Bratislava where she grew up. Sara was 17 at that time, and the slow pace of Iyengar yoga classes that she was attending didn’t “challenge her enough”. The active asana part of the class did not challenge her, but Savasana, the final resting pose, did. It was the Savasana and the meditations that made Sara return to the classes again and again.


Off to Vienna…

When she started studying at the University of Vienna she signed up for yoga classes again, this time it was Vinyasa Yoga. The classes were more challenging and Sara was impressed by the teacher who was her senior by decades, yet was stronger and more flexible than her students and most importantly, radiated joy and calmness.

Yoga as a tool

Yoga asana practice became an integral part of Sara’s daily life, and helped her to find peace but most importantly to get in touch with herself and get to know herself a bit better. Sara was in her early twenties then, studying at a business school, trying to discover who she was and what she wanted. She went through a long period of pain, fear, and anxiety, and used her yoga practice as a crutch to help her go through that.


My true self

In 2015 Sara met her third teacher on her path: Talia Sutra. Sara and her mom attended a yoga and mindfulness retreat. For the first time, Sara was guided through intense asana practices that allowed her to see that she’s capable of so much more than she thought she was. The retreat introduced her to meditation and journaling and she began to discover who she really is beyond all the roles she plays in her everyday life.

Going on a mission

The retreat was a deeply transformative experience and the beginning of a new period. Sara’s practice deepened and she wanted to share what she learned thinking that if her life could change so much for the better, perhaps she could help other people to find that too. She searched the internet for a yoga teacher training program in Vienna and registered immediately.


Becoming a teacher

Six months later after successfully graduating from the program Sara began to teach a handful of her friends and sent out applications to a bunch of yoga studios across Vienna. She got no reply from any of them and decided to take the matter into her own hands. This pushed her to rent a room where she could teach and promoted the classes between her friends and on Facebook.

G(r)o(w)ing further

Sara was hungry to teach but also to learn and attended many workshops, yoga conferences, and courses. She learned with Kino McGregor, Young Ho Kim, Matt Giordano, Mark Stephens, Punnu Wasu, Janet Stone, Alexia Kutlerer, Echo Widmer, Simon Park, Faith Hunter, Patrick Beach, and more wonderful teachers. Over time Sara opened her own small studio: Yoga 4 Everyone where she combined her two passions: teaching yoga and philanthropy. Yoga 4 Everyone collaborated with Support Ethiopia and together they worked on bringing yoga beyond the four corners of the yoga mat.


Back to Prague (kind of)

In 2019 Sara followed her heart and relocated to Prague. From her home base, she traveled all around the world to host workshops and teach retreats. Sara taught around Europe in Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, London, Paris, Zurich, as well as overseas in New York, India, and Bali. In 2020 Sara began to teach virtual yoga classes and produce more content to connect with her worldwide audience.

Editors Note:

I, Sara, wrote the story above. Now I’m not sure why I wrote it in the third person. It gave everything a bit more perspective I suppose. But when I was about to write the paragraph, writing in the third person felt too impersonal. And so I want to write the final sentences as me:


Keep moving

Today she’s still based in Prague and teaches both in-person and online. Her classes are a mix of asana practice, pranayama and meditation techniques, eastern philosophy, Hindu mythology, chanting, and journaling. Sara’s intention both as a student and a teacher is to keep moving closer and closer to her truest, deepest self, and create a safe space where her body, heart, and mind can be healthy and thrive.

Lokah Samastah Sukhinom Bhavantu.

 May all beings everywhere be happy and free of suffering and may my every thought, word, and action contribute to this happiness and freedom of all.

Love, Sara

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